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I stuck this site on the web one day simply because I thought Roy Clayborne was a great entertainer and a great guy. I really didn’t know if anyone would find the thing, contact me, etc. Actually, quite a few people visit and I’ve recieved a lot of emails. Embarrassingly, I had not devoted a great deal of time to this site and I am trying to make it a bit better, at the moment. I had really just thrown the original site together, in a hurry – and, wow…my intentions were good but it looked pretty awful! Anyway, at the moment this site is kind of in a state of disarray. but, bear with me – it will be better when I’m done with this “makeover”. And, heck, at least it looks a bit more presentable. All things in time, as they say…..

A couple of years ago I’d done a search for Roy on the web and didn’t find very much. I did find an interview with one of Roy’s one former sideman who spoke of Roy’s show in pretty derisive terms (everybody’s a critic, right?). I was a bit irritated by what I’d found and felt as thought it didn’t do justice to an exceptional entertainer. Since I’m always puttering with the web I thought, “Hell, I’m gonna slap a little tribute site together…”. I certainly didn’t do it to make money, and, I really didn’t know if anyone would ever actually see the darned thing. To my pleasant surprise, numerous old band mates and friends have shot me emails and thanked me for the site. They’ve shared funny stories, via email, and just shared various recollections of days gone by. I even had a nice chat with Roy’s son, Taylor, via telephone. I don’t have a lot of spare time – nor spare energy – but the site which I’d originally assembled was pretty abysmal and I’d never gotten around to adding any interesting “stuff” – nor making it look very good.

Spruced up, and, a bit more interactive

Anyway, I resolved to find some spare time and give the thing a new look. More importantly, I wanted to make it interactive so that folks could share a story, have a chat, etc. Instead of simply coding a web site I’ve used WordPress so that folks can make a comment, share a story – whatever.

How can you contribute?.

You can do any of the following:

  • Since I’ve moved the site over to WordPress you can comment on any of the posts, or, pages by simply using the comments section beneath the articles.
  • If you’ve got a fun “Roy story”, a suggestion, a question – whatever – you can, also, use the contact form to send it to me via email. By the way: I get lot of emails from people with whom I worked that have to do with Roy, in a general sense, but which are really just personal messages. Emails that I recieve via the contact form are confidential and are not published, here. Unless you say, “Hey, here’s a great story – put this on the web” it’s just between you and I.
  • WANTED: Pics and Videos – if you’ve got some cool pics, or videos, of Roy Clayborne please contact me via the contact page. I will provded you with a password protected upload page whereby you can just browse you computer, and, upload the material.

2 thoughts on “Site Update

  1. You have done a great job getting the site up and going and it is much appreciated. I was in my office listening to Roy singing Arizona and a lady commented what a fantastic voice he had. So true. I just have a lot of great memories of Roy from Tucson and Houston. He was just a fabulous performer. I remember going to the Sahara in Tucson and staying and paying for the early and the late show. Left us at much too young an age. Just a shame he never got the recognition he so truly deserved. Thanks again for the site.

  2. Hi,
    I was just looking up Roy as I hadn’t know he had passed until a couple of weeks ago.
    When I lived in Tucson in the 70’s, my wife and I had the great privilege of making acquaintance with Roy at the Sahara Motor Inn in Tucson.
    We actually became friends and found ourselves visiting the Sahara quite often. After learning we were originally form Vermont, he always called us “my Vermonters”. I was overwhelmed with his abilities and talent both singing and guitar playing. I loved his rendition of “Malaguena”. It was simply awesome that someone could make a guitar talk like he could. His show included a number where he had two microphones on stands and would go from one to the other voicing Waylon Jennings on one and Willie Nelson on the other. What a treat!
    I remember one night in early January when, upon exiting the restroom, I bumped into Roy and was shocked at the fact he had shaved his head. When asked why he had done that, he said that he was changing his image to be the ‘country Kojak’.
    We subsequently moved back to VT. On an occasion of being in Nashville walking up printers alley (as it is called) we noticed a banner next to a club with Roy’s picture on it. What a surprise to say the least. There were 6 in our party. Of course, no one believed I knew this man. We sat at a large booth next to the stage and when he had stopped for his break, I went up and he immediately recognized me and said he would love to visit our table and meet our group.
    Later, back in Vermont, we went down to the Hampton Manor near Fair Haven with my son and his wife for an evening of dancing. Much to my surprise….ROY CLAYBORNE was there doing a show! Visiting with him, he told me he had moved to Rutland. Wow!
    The fact that our paths crossed in 3 different parts of the country was simply amazing.
    Anyone who has ever seen Roy perform knows how great an entertainer he was. He truly did leave us too soon.
    You can publish this if you think it would add anything to your site. Thanks for what you have done for Roy. I have searched for a video of him doing Malaguena but to no avail. Could you help me out?
    Thanks again.

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