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If you’ve got any good Roy stories, pictures, audio, video, etc. please contact me. Also, feel free to just comment on any post….. I’m in the process of actually trying to make this darned thing complete – but I’m old, and, slow….!

Sandy Middleton (Sexton) posted the following (in part) a day or so ago… She summed up how I felt about Roy:

“Don’t really know why all of a sudden he came to mind. I agree, he was born to be a star. He was almost like Elvis, not another like him, never will be, in class all of their own.”

I agree, Sandy. Thanks for visiting.

Guy Merritt

9 thoughts on “Your help

  1. My husband Jimmy and all of our friends loved Roy Clayborne.
    We’re so sorry to hear that he passed away, We were hoping to find him and see him entertain again.
    In the 80’s we used to go and see Roy every week end at any place he was playing.
    We would go to Denny’s after the show and have breakfast with Roy and the band.
    We DEARLY loved him and I remember talking with Johnny his brother.
    I remember one of the first times that we saw Roy I believe at the Ramada Inn, here in Houston. He looked at me and said, LOVE your hair, reminds me of a bani-rooster. I’m sure everyone has stories like that. HE WAS THE BEST ENTERTAINER, EVER!! We are going to miss him a lot. If there is ever a CD out please let us know.
    So sorry to Johnny and all of Roy’s family and friends.
    All of our love,
    Jimmy and Aly Pierce

    1. Jimmy and Aly that sure brings back some memories. I also would catch Roy at the Ramada the Denny’s you are probably referring to was just up the street at 34th and 290. Spent many an evening there in the 80’s. Used to go to their cocktail lounge in the back. It was the home away from home. Really loved Roy. First saw him perform in Tucson in the 70’s. You are right. There will never be another like him.

  2. Roy and I were close friends in his Chalet days. I have various photos of him, Johnny and various band members. I only found out today of his passing and was very sadden to hear. I came home and pulled out pics and a couple of 45’s I have along with a demo LP from the Rhodes Recording Service out of Dallas Texas. Songs include Walk Softly, Believe It or Not, Bottom of Glass, If You Must Be Happy, Let’s Pretend, Just to Satisfy You and Playboy. I have cherished these songs for many years. As others have stated, he was a wonderful entertainer and man.

  3. I knew Roy and Johnny in the ’60’s. Always wondered if they “made it”. Not being a country music lover I didn’t keep up. Sorry to hear he passed, so young and talented.

  4. As Roy’s right hand man as he called me during the early 1990’s I have many great stories, some photos and music to share. I was thinking of the man today as I often do and searched the web and found this wonderful site- thanks for doing this, Roy needs to be remembered- he brought joy to many people through his performances. The man was amazing at reading an audience and engaging them and I learned everything I know about being a performer from playing with him 7 shows a week during that time. I miss him and I swear I feel his presence with me on stage…..

    1. Hello I’m Elaine his niece. My mom is Inez.He was an amazing talented man. Miss him so much. Would like to have seen what he would be doing now in the music world.

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