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Since I’ve upgraded this site to WordPress you can leave a comment on any posts, or, pages. And, you can still send me an email via the contact form. But, until recently, folks couldn’t get in touch, share a memory, etc. except through an email. I’ve gotten quite a few and I’m reprinting them, here, as time permits. Again, you can still feel free to email me with any comments via the contact page. if you’d prefer that the contents of your email remains private, just let me know – it will not appear on this page.

Neil Sims
January 14th, 2012

“I new Roy and Johnnie way back in the 60’s and early 70’s. My dad was one of Roy’s early managers when he was kicking around the night clubs here in Dallas, the Chalet Club was where he used to play. My parents met Roy and Johnnie through a woman named Sue Vickers. He was dating Sue and she was a sales lady for Mary K cosmetics. My dad and another man told Roy he needed to be playing in Nashville so they called Hank Williams ex-wife and asked her to come and listen to Roy play and sing. They also took Roy to Nashville to try and get him connected. I have some really cool memories of the boys sitting around our living room playing music and Johnnie trying to teach my cousins to play guitar. We actually had some old 45’s of a song Roy wrote called “Looking through the bottom of a glass”, I would love to find one of them and here that song again. If I remember correctly the refrain went something like: I’m lookin down down down through the bottom of a glass…. I really enjoyed his music when I was a kid. I remember seeing Roy on a couple of episodes of “Gunsmoke” I think he played a bartender, he had his head shaved then, I remember thinking I knew somebody really important. I also remember seeing him on the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. Man, those were the days. I would love to read more about him and hear some of those old songs. I am going to talk to my dad and see if he still has any of those old records, I think they were demo records Roy cut to hand out to the record companies in Nashville. I hope you get this message and like hearing from an old time Roy and Johnnie Clayborne fan!! BTW, I checked and Roy’s sister’s name is Inez and she was a customer at my aunt’s beauty shop. Thanks for putting up this website!!”

Jeff Martin – Reno, Nevada
December 4th, 2011

“Ha! What a shock to find this site! Man. I played piano for Roy from 1975 to 1976. I learned a lot about entertaining a crowd from him. I was 21 when I joined his band, and it was a great boost to my career. Roy was nuts, and I loved it. Awesome entertainer. So sorry to hear of his passing. Was he still with Libby at that time? You can see me on the web if you google “Jeff Martin Reno”. Take care and thanks for the fabulous online tribute to a great entertainer. I think I could dig up some photos and scan them for you if you would like.”

Webmaster’s Note:
Well Roy said I was the “best piano player he ever had”, but I don’t know. Jeff Martin is a terrific player – nice of him to credit Roy with teaching “a lot about entertaining a crowd”. Thanks, Jeff, for the email – and I thought I’d share a video of you performing, right here….


Gary Huddleston
July 7th, 2011

“I was Roy’s bass player when he and johnnie rode a small motorcycle from san antone to dallas back in the 60’s. He started at a club on greenville ave. called caesar’s. His stage presence was remarkable.He later added a steel.After working in several clubs,we ended up at the chalet club(an old theatre0 in east dallas where we had the pleasure of backing Tammy Wynette when she first started hitting the charts. We didn”t know if people would pay the $10.00 cover but she packed the place 2 nites in a row. We also appeared on t.v. in the local market on several occasions appearing once on the live portion of panther hall in Fort Worth after winning a talent contest at a club called the loft. Jody Payne, Willie’s retired guitar/vocalist bandmember was the leader of the house band. Conway Twitty and Wanda Jackson headlined At Panther Hall the evening we were there.In closing for now , I would love to here from bro. Johnnie(drummer). I heard he lived in Ariz.”

Tracey Kuznicki – Tuscon, Arizona
August 26th, 2011

“Roy and Libby were close friends with my family since I was 8 years old. We spent holidays, bdays, barbques, together. Musicians were always coming and going as I grew up. Roy influenced my life in a huge way!! I miss
him and Libby so very much. Luckily their son fills the void they left behind.”

Arnie Russel – Hoosick Falls, New York
Sept 15, 2011

“Hello Guy. My names Arnie Russell,I was Roy’s DRUMMER for like 3 to 4 years. We played an alful lotta gigs together. We even went to GERMANY to play and perform as well. We also recorded there. I have all the music on cd and cassette tape. I also have a video that we did there as well. I have that on dvd and vhs tape as well. I have many photos of Roy and I together. And I have the phone number and address to his Son which is a good friend of mine too. The sad part is when Roy and I were in Germany,we were up drinking coffe at 5 am, and he had a massive heart attack thus ended up dieing in my arms. I will never forget the time and date and town. This is a hell of a way to meet you, but I was poking around one day and found this site. If you want a copy of anything that I have please feel free to call me @ (518)686-**** or just send me and email and I’ll get right back to you. Have a great day.”

Stacey – Tuscon, AR
July 8th, 2011

“Hello, What a great site! I no longer live in Tucson, am in the Midwest now enjoying Grandchildren but I spent a good deal of time in the 1970’s seeing Roy’s various shows…My Uncle Robert was the first to see him at a hotel (the name escapes me) lounge where he played on a regular basis. (Somewhere near Speedway & Miracle mile) Anyways, I dont know why exactly but I was trying hard to remember his name and the song that was sort of his signature song…I called my Uncle. Together we remembered the name but sadly not the song. Do you happen to know/remember? If Im not mistaken, he had a 45 cut and would sell them between shows. I just havent had any luck running down any recorded music for Roy. Would you be kind enough to remind me of the song? He was an incredible performer with a huge talent, I was saddened to see he’d passed away. Thank you for any help you can provide and for the enjoyable website. I’m glad he’s not forgotten. Stacey”

5 thoughts on “Emails, etc.

  1. We knew Roy when he lived in Vermont. We would love to purchase cd and/or video that anyone may have of his performances here.

  2. First time I saw Roy was when I first moved to Tucson back in 1974. He was the opening act (still had hair) for Bobby Bare and Tom T Hall. I lived in Tucson until 1980 and caught his act a few times at the Sahara on Miracle Mile. I moved to Houston in 1980 and saw Roy a couple times at the Ramada Inn on the N.W. Fwy. I met and spoke with him a couple times. He was always wanting to get to Nashville. What an incredible performer. His presence just walking on stage was remarkable. So sad to hear of him and his wife passing at such a young age. Really glad to find this site and would love to see any videos, etc that might still be floating around.

  3. The hotel Roy played at in Tucson was the Hilton. Stacey – I believe the signature song you’re thinking of might be Malaguena….he frequently closed the show with that song. It was amazing….I can still see him playing the guitar solo and falling to his knees. I worked for him during that time and was good friends with both he and Libby. That was when Taylor was born and I was at Taylor’s christening in Tucson. There aren’t very many people that were as much fun as Roy was and it’s a shame he never really made it “big” because he was so incredibly talented. I have many photos of those days and I will always remember him so fondly.

  4. Deb, it would be great if you could post those pictures of Roy during that time frame. What an absolute wonderful talent. I recall staying and paying for both shows on a couple occasions. That was how much I enjoyed his music and his showmanship. The Sahara in Tucson is where I saw him. I believe it was on Miracle Mile. Of course the highlight of his show was the closing with Malaguena. Just fabulous.

  5. Hi, Guy. I sang with Roy while you were his amazingly versatile and intuitive piano player. We left Houston and traveled with him to Reno where we played between the Peppermill and Sparks Western Village. I am so sad to hear of his passing at such a young age. He was definitely a uniquely talented individual!

    – Katie

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