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Numerous people have emailed me and I have failed to get back, call, etc. I am going to try and update this site, make it a bit better and more user friendly, and just stay on top of things a bit better.

I will be adding things and making it more complete over the next week – thanks for visiting and please bear with me….. I apologize that I haven’t really made it, well, complete. I’m trying, now, anyway!


Guy Merritt

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  1. Guy thank you so much for putting this together. My fiance Milt spalding who was with the band Arizona and then later the Last Round Up Band, opened for Roy when they played the Hilton here in Tucson. Milt passed away in 2006, also of a massive heartattack. Two amazing men gone, at such a young age. Thank you again.

    1. I was glad to do it….and happy that people seem to enjoy it. I wish Roy was still around – I’d probably be working with him, somewhere. Thanks so much for dropping by… Guy Merritt

  2. I think I may still have a 45 record from back then. I think
    the club was the Cabaret not the Chalet though. It was formerly owned by Jack Ruby.

  3. I met Roy at the Medical Arts Pharmacy in about 1966. He was doing some kind of construction work for the Republic Bank. He came in there where I worked & told me about his band & his brother Johnny. I didn’t see him again until 1969 when I worked at the Chalet. His band was Larry White (steel guitar] David Floyd (bass player) Johnny Clayborne {drummer} & Roy played guitar. That was so long ago. The owners were Buddy Thompson, Bob Wallace & Jean Wallace. When Roy left & went to Vegas that was the end of the club.We had a mutual friend Shirley Brown. I would sure like to hear from her again if she reads this.

    1. I have a cousin who used to be close to Moetta Hill and is trying to reach her. The internet has practically nothing on her.
      Did you have any luck trying to find her?

  4. Hi Munch! When I started working with Roy they talked about you, a lot – all good my friend. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello – Guy Merritt

  5. Hi Guy. From your story of working with Roy, I’m surmising you joined the band after his show at the Landmark in Las Vegas had concluded. Who was in the band with you? Was he playing at the old Allen Parkway Inn? After reading from so many ex Alamo players, I started wondering how many players worked for Roy over the years. We could form a club, haha! Roy was quite a character and I had many memorable experiences working with him, most notably the George & Brenda Carlin connection that landed us on a Rich Little HBO special, and performing on the Tonite Show. Are you still playing music?

    1. Great to hear from you, Kenny! I never knew your name – all I ever heard was Munch. Kenny, for a lot of personal reasons I stopped playing about 20 years ago (not to mention that the market for live music kinda dried up). I started playing out, professionally, when I was 13; my Dad was kind of an entrepreneur and helped me form a trio to play at wedding receptions and private parties – the VFW kinda circuit. For me, playing caused problems. I married the wrong women, and ultimately developed a bad problem with booze. I just quit, completely. I met Roy when he was playing a gig, in Houston, in about 1983. He asked me to come see the band and I walked into this Ramada Inn (BIG bar) that was packed with people….Friday or Saturday night. On their break, Roy and I talked and he said something like, “Okay, Hoss, you’re gonna play the show with us….”. I was, like, “Are you insane????”. They were doing “Love Life Us Up Where We belong”, which had a piano intro and a crazy key change in the middle.. Luckily, I’d diddled around with the intro – but, hell, I didn’t really know the song. I thought he was nuts! OF COURSE, he conned me into it – and he carried the thing, anyway. I knew about the Brenda Carlin thing, the HBO special and the Tonight Show. I knew that you and Renee did the Tonight Show, anyway. Did you see that Renee died early this year (January, 2016 – I just posted it)? Was Treeva singing with you guys? I’ve never been able to track her down (assuming you even know her). Yeah – Roy went through a LOT of players. He and I worked well together because I’ve got a crazy sense of humor and did a lot of goofy sound effects on my synthesizers that he incorporated in his act… was a lot of fun. I really thought the world of the guy. One morning in Las Vegas, I was about to turn 35. We were the house band at The Dunes. I woke up at about 7 AM< packed up my gear, and split. I hated to do it that way, but I knew Roy would talk me out of it otherwise.... Anyway - more later. Glad to finally meet you, Kenny/Munch!

  6. The last heard about Moetta Hill was that she was living in Memphis. She is supposedly still gigging occasionally on Beale St. I played in the Alamo band with her in 78, when Roy had a house gig at the Hilton in Tuscon. Moetta was a Jerry Lee Lewis protege and she certain lived up to it. To coin a Jerry Lee phrase, she’d lay into the piano and “stand that sucka straight up!”

    1. Glad to see this response, Kenny. You`ve always been a phenomenal musician. Wild days with Roy and Moetta.

    2. I posted this above, but have you heard anything about the whereabouts of Moetta Hill since you posted this response? Any info would be appreciated.

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