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  1. I had a comment just yesterday. Don’t really know why all of a sudden he came to mind. I agree, he was born to be a star. He was almost like Elvis, not another like him, never will be , in class all of their own. Hard for me to believe he ever married, he could have ANY chick he desired. You know one thing stands out. He was so very personable. He was good & nice to everyone. This is so hard to believe. I did not know he had Hispanic heritage. Where is Roy buried & so sad Taylor lost both parents so young. How did the mom die? So So sad. This is wonderful you are doing this in his name. Thank you.

    1. Hey Sandy…thanks for stopping by. Obviously, I thought the world of Roy and working with him was probably one of the most “fun times” in my life. I believe his wife died of cancer. It was really an odd, and tragic, deal – they both died at 50. I never met his wife but, not surprisingly, I think she was a beauty queen (Miss Arkansas, or runner-up or something). Roy died in Germany and was cremated. His ashes were flown back to the United States. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if they were taken to Arkansas, or, Arizona. Very sad deal. He had asked me to fly over there with him and play those gigs in Germany. Anyway, I’m working to make the site better – but I have a lot on my plate and work on it when I can. We all loved Roy. Best regards, Guy Merritt (webmaster)

      1. Saw him at the Sahara Motor Inn in Tucson about 50 times. I still have his album 2nd Edition but it is worn out. Any idea where I can get another one?

  2. I had the pleasure of being Roy and Johnny’s first bass player in Dallas back in the 60’s. Roy and Johnny rode a motorcycle to Dallas carrying what little belongings with them. A man that owned a club called Caesers on Greenville Ave. helped him get started. Lots of competition in tyhe area back then but Roy managed to pack the place every nite. We were a stones throw from the Levee singers group.We then moved on to the Playmate club on Henderson adding a steel player whose first name was Glen.Then to the Chalet Club in Lakewood during which time we backed Tammy Wynette when she first started. Charlie Carter (her front man when she passed) was also in the group for a while.We appeared on the T.V. portion of Panther Hall during this time. My knees were knocking. Conway Twitty and Wanda Jackson were featured that nite. Roy did a Johnny Cash song. Later we appearee several times on the Shootin’ Newton live T.V. show. We were booted off because Roy told a bad joke certainly not because of lack of talent. I worked with a lot of groups but never saw anyone who could touch him as far as showmanship- great imitator-Elvis,Cash,Waylon,LeeRoy VanDyke,Hank Snow and even the Beetles.Enough for now. May he and his wife have eternal life.

  3. I knew Roy back in the Dallas days when he played at the
    Club that Jack Ruby used to own. He was known then as the
    “Man of a Thousand Voices” He was so good looking and we
    dated a few times back then. My husband and I went to see
    him one time in Vegas after he had shaved his head and wore
    a black hat and had gained a little weight. But, he was
    still a great singer and wonderful entertainer. So sorry
    to hear he has passed away.

  4. Does anyone remember all Roy’s performances at the Hilton – Tucson???
    The Hilton, back then, was on Miracle Mile and Drachman.

    Roy performed for his audience and loved each and everyone one us.
    It was always great to talk to him, when he would come and sit at our table. One night, he gave me a little stuffed Dalmatian dog. I still have it. My husband and I saw him in Vegas, once, but loved our Tucson Roy shows.

    I am so sorry to learn of his passing.

  5. My name is Breylyn Clayborne, I am the daughter of Johnny Clayborne. I was only 1 when Roy passed away I didn’t know him but my mom Kathy Clayborne and my dad always talked highly about Roy and I was always told he was a great entertainer. I really wish I knew Roy, from the sound of it he was an amazing guy. R.I.P Roy always in our hearts.

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