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Not too long ago Taylor Clayborne – Roy’s son – found this web site and we eventually had a great chat on the phone. All I can say is this: what a great kid…..or, uhm, great “young man”.  Hey, anyone under 40 is a kid, to me!  Taylor lost both his mom – Libby (Elizabeth) – and his Dad when each of them was only 50 years-old.  He told me that it’s taught him the importance of family.   And – a chip off the old block – he’s got a pretty good musical career happening in his native Arkansas.  He gigs close to home so as to keep a nice, tight-knit family unit…which I think is a very good decision.  He’s a talented guy, and here’s one clip of him performing.

By the way – just like the rest of this site – I’ll update this (and everything else) with more info, over time.   But it’s good to know that the beat goes on…

By the way, you can here more from Taylor Clayborne by visiting his web site at ReverbNation


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  1. I use to go see Roy I believe in the late 60’s @ a place in dallas called the Chalet. He was a wonderful entertainer & I guess every woman there wanted to be with him. We did become friends & went to several parties after his gig. I often wondered what happened to him, but assumned he must be in Vegas, go figure. I could not believe when i just read he had passed away in 1996. He had to be young, he was in his 20’s I think @ the Chalet. How did he die? You need some of his older pic’s. He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome & sexy. Did he ever marry & have children? What a sorrowful thing to hear.

  2. Sandy, I played bass with Roy at the Chalet during the time Tammy Wynette was booked there. Got any pics? .

    1. Gary, Roy and I were close friends in his Chalet days and I have an LB from Rhodes Recording Services out of Dallas Texas with some songs he wrote and presented to my Father which was eventually handed over to me when my father passed. I have pics of Roy, Johnny and some of the band, pics of him, Johnny and band bembers when they had a Vegas stop. Anyway, I just this day found out that Roy passed. I never kept up with him that much after we went our separate ways. Truly a wonderful individual.

      1. Hi! I’m Elaine his niece. Inez is my mom. We spent alot of time at the Chalet. He would get me up on stage to dance. Such a thrill for me! Ha was awesome as a singer & uncle.

  3. Sandy, Do you have any band pics from the chalet? I was his first bass player in Dallas. Never worked with anyone like him.Great imitator- had his own voice too. We made one demo album while I was in the band.Wish I had a copy.

      1. Laura, Charlie Carter is the guitar player I remember most. Charlie joined George Jone’s band during this time and later went with Tammy Wynette and stayed with her until she passed away. Larry White was with the group also for a while- a great steel player. Roy’s bro Johnny was the drummer. Lot’s of good times at the Chalet Club in Lakewood. It is now the Dixie House restaurant.

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